Living Blissfully

Bridget Elizabeth

The tragedy of trauma is that everyone tells us ‘well, at least you’re alive,’ as if we should be grateful that we must spend every day struggling to breathe. As if we should consider ourselves lucky. Surviving isn’t hard. Living is.

When I’m not doing something that comes deeply from me, I get bored. When I get bored I get distracted and when I get distracted, I become depressed. It’s a natural resistance, and it insures your integrity.

—Maria Irene Fornes (via kushandwizdom)

I think the most tortured place in hell should be reserved not for traitors, but… for cowards. The weakest, most spineless losers. Because it seems to me that traitors? At least they made a choice. But cowards? They just run around biting their fingernails, totally afraid to do anything. Which is totally worse.

—Lauren Kate (via kushandwizdom)